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Explainio produces animated explanation videos that bring your business vision to life.
Our videos demonstrate visually what matters most to your customers: How your product or service fit into people’s daily lives! And they do what you care most about: Connecting your brand to your target audience! The perfect match? We think so!


Project Management

Explainio offers complete project management for all your promotional video needs. We combine script development, voice, music and animation into a vivid multimedia presentation that will make your company or service stand out from the crowd. We deliver quality results fast and affordable. Explainio is also growing a portfolio of ancillary branding and optimization services to help you get the most out of your new explainer video.


Our Approach

Communication is at the heart of our business. Every project starts with an in-depth analysis of your communication needs. We ask genuine questions and, collaboratively, distill your authentic “story” and target message. In production stage, all media properties will be custom-made for your project. We manage the entire production process but won't give control out of your hands.


For Whom

Explainio helps businesses and professionals to get their most valuable message across quickly and with style.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

present your business to customers and investors with pizazz

App Developers

boost your app sales with an eye-catching marketing video

Digital Publishers

introduce your e-Book with a stunning multimedia presentation

Why Explainers

getting a valuable message across quickly and in style

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If you have a story to tell, we will visualize it for maximum impact and brand exposure!


brand ambassadors

People love watching videos. And they love sharing what they like! With Explainio you inform, engage and entertain your audience all at the same time, so that others will pick up your message and spread the word with you!


convince in seconds

Making a bold statement quickly is critical for online marketing success. Web videos are the perfect way to introduce your business in simple terms that people will understand and memorize!


drive traffic

Multimedia simply outmatches plain text. Attract new clients, increase conversion rates and share your story across social media accounts with a powerful web video from Explainio.


boost your SEO

Our Videos are loved by search engines, too! Explainio helps your business to get found online and to convey the professional standing it deserves.

Words alone may not be enough to capture the essence of your business. Your ideas are much more likely to be remembered – and acted upon – if they are presented in a multimedia context combining words, pictures animation and video.

This phenomenon is known as “Picture Superiority Effect” in cognitive psychology and it is the scientific reasoning behind the success of our videos.

We capture the essence of your business in an engaging format. In 90 seconds or less we explain your product or service in simple terms, highlight its benefits and address the concerns that people may face using it. Our videos may be placed on your websites or used actively in social media marketing. They are the perfect marketing mix for anyone looking to reach out to an audience that is increasingly immersed in online and social media environments.

Videos are highly search-engine friendly. Using videos as part of your marketing strategy will help you attract more traffic and encourage those undecided to make the final step of becoming a new client.

Before we start producing, we sit back and listen. It is important to us to understand your needs precisely right from the start. All media properties are custom-made for your project. After all, only unique design can tell a unique story.

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let's get into detail

Production Process


Project Research

We get to know your business, your vision and your customers. We do so by asking genuine questions, researching your brand positioning and having focused conversations with you in live or by email.


Script + Voice

Scripting your story is the first step to a winning video. We are skilled in developing and editing compelling copy that will highlight your business and spark interest in it. The script will set the language of choice. We are working with voice talents from around the world and carefully select the person that matches your project’s need most appropriately. A few voice samples may be produced before the final recording takes place.



Here we define the animation style, character design, background themes and overall mood. The storyboard details exactly what will be seen at each point of the written script through the use of key and style frames.



In production stage, all the hard work comes together to form a first draft of the final video. Changes are made were necessary upon client feedback and music and special effects are applied.


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Explainio is a full-service media agency specializing in the production of promotional web videos and explainer videos for businesses, app owners, digital publishers and anyone in need of replacing dull text with awesome graphics. We are located in Germany and serve a global client base.

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